Sunday, September 20, 2009

Perodua Myvi Ezi

Perodua Myvi is a well-known car in Malaysia and very demanding from the market. Therefore, my dad owned the Perodua Myvi on 21 August 2006. I was wondering what is so attractive about the car caused many people were waited the car about half of the year and some more than that. Fortunately, we got the new Perodua Myvi just waited approximately 4 month. That time i was upper 6 going to sit for STPM examination and my parents already bought the car for my conveniences go thro and fro school. However i seldom use the car because the school is just stone's throw away from my house. Therefore, I use my precious motorbike to school everyday.

The first day i drove the Perodua Myvi was very happy and looks very new but the weird rpm idling was not stable and I made a complain about that matter but they reluctant to solve for me. Unfortunately, the feeling of new was not lasting because I was found that the car alignment was improper fixed before they release the car onto the road. I was surprise that why the Perodua QC could release such car on the road and sell to customers. In addition, this is not the matter of few Ringgit Malaysia but is RM49500 product that we bought from the Perodua.

The second day, I brought the car to service centre to complaint about the defect made by the Perodua Corporation. The service centre advicer are very good and welcome me with open arms because I was the new Perodua Myvi user. Obviously, the service they provided for me was very perfect and free of charge because that was not my fault to cause the car alignment problem.

At that time, I was very happy and told my parents that the service they provided was excellent. After few month I used the car I found that the car getting worst. Actually I used the car often after I was over the STPM examination. I went to Genting Highland when my car reached 6000km. After I came down from Genting Highland the gear box oil leakage happened and I made the second complaint to the Perodua Service Centre in Melaka. After they verify the problem tooks me few weeks to get the feedback from them and they willing to change a new automatic gear box for me. I was very surprise and the really willing to help me without paying one cent.

That was the second problem and continuously the car still gave me a lot of problem. The third problem is the front absorber came out with weird sound when go through hump or rough road surface. This was very irritating and I got no pleasure to drive the car. Then I refer from the internet and there were some Myvi user also complaint about the problem as well. Next, I took an alternative solution to solve this problem is go to the Perodua Service Centre again to complain the dilemma that a faced and after some tried they also changed the both front absorber for me. I was thinking this is a rejected car and caused me a lot of trouble.

The third problem was the front disc brake. During driving in high speed approximately 110km/hr can feel the vibration when making a brake. Then, the same procedure i had made and sent to the Perodua Service Centre in Melaka. After they verified the problem they helped me to replace a pair of new disc brake plate. That was very fantastic I can change many things for free of charge and of course that was not my fault. That production quality was very low...

At the same time i was kept on complaining about the ECU because the rpm idling was not stable and reaches 1400rpm during air conditioner kick on. This is the first car that I ever seen that air conditioner kick on will increase the rpm. The car continuously gave me problem and the forth dilemma occured was the power windows switches. That problem is very regular for local production cars. That is why without verifying they helped me to change the new set of power window switch.

Fifth, again the disc brake plate gave me trouble and if went to the Perodua Service Centre they reluctant to change for me because they felt that I keep on changing the spare parts cause them a lot of trouble too and finally they tried a lot of excuses to leave me away from their service centre. I was very sad and angry because the car was under warranty and they can done this to me. That time I already studying in one of the local university . I tried another alternative went to the Batu Pahat Perodua Service Centre opposite the BP Mall. I was very surprising because they helped me to change the whole set of disc brakes and brake master pump as well. I was very thankful to the service advicer.

Sixth, again the power window switch gave me trouble and i went to the batu pahat service centre because I was very disappointed with the Melaka service centre provided the excuses that couldn't make sense. I was trying very hard effort to claim all the defect from this car and fortunately the Batu Pahat Perodua Service Centre really helped me a lot and they had tried their veru best to reset the rpm for me as well. I feel very touch and everytime I do service at there they welcome me with open arms and gave me to lowest charges in terms of workmanship.

Recently the disc brake again gave me the same trouble as above mentioned. This time my car warranty was just over and the Batu Pahat Perodua Centre couldn't help me at this time. Then I used the alternative way to complain this matter that is INTERNET link with Perodua website customer service advicer. They also helped me and I mentioned about the rpm problem in the website they already tried to solve for me. From 1400rpm tuned till 1800rmp when the air cond kicks on. I feel sartisfied and now my car is very healthy and very shining too. I never give up to take care the car cleanliness and the performance.

Due to to original exhaust system are too messy, 17 September 2009 I changed the catalytic converter to 4-1 extractor. Besides that, I changed the muffler as well to balance the air flow in the exhaust system. Now I feel the car is far more powerful than previously and more responsive than before... The fuel consumption still testing period...Hope this can get the better saver in petrol consumption.

This is the foreman who doing the muffler replacement. Due to his profession I trust what he told me and then I change the 4-1 extractor and the muffler. Next, if the budget available I will change the swirl bullet to compress the air ensure the smooth gear changing from first to second and so on...

Next, I will post how I take car my car and how's my car looks like whether clean or hard-up...

Above the link is idling problem...who can help me tune???I need ECU programmer...